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Privacy Policy  

This Privacy Policy sets forth the rules regarding your privacy protection during the use of Plurilogic's software.

Plurilogic's commitment to the protection of privacy

In accordance with the provisions of applicable acts and regulations, such as the Act respecting Private Education, Plurilogic ensures compliance with the rules of conduct laid down for the protection of privacy. It undertakes to collect only the personal information necessary for the proper operation of the software. Unless otherwise specified herein, Plurilogic shall not disclose, rent, sell or transfer to third parties, personal information about you without your prior consent.

  1. What is personal information?

    Personal information means an information that could identify a person or may link such information directly to that person. This may include your name, postal address or email address, your phone number, the permanent code number and credit card number.

  2. When can we collect personal information?

    Plurilogic collects only the personal information necessary for the creation of files or the proper performance of the software. Personal information may be collected through Plurilogic's desktop software, the Pluriportail (web and mobile), by phone or through an email communication of your part.

  3. How can personal information be used?

    As part of the operation of Plurilogic software, it is important to obtain certain personal information about the user and the clients in order to secure all information necessary.

    Your personal information is communicated to Plurilogic's personnel for the purposes listed above, provided that such information is necessary in the course of their duties.

  4. When personal information can be disclosed?

    The information collected is intended to be used internally, as confidential and restricted information. No financial data may be disclosed or used. Only the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur and external service providers retained by Plurilogic to ensure, for example the functioning of the Portal services or to ensure your online payment will have access to certain data necessary for their duties. In this purpose, their employees have signed a confidentiality agreement for the performance of their work.

    Plurilogic may disclose your personal information if an act, regulation, search warrant, subpoena or court order authorize it or so requires. It will also disclose needed personal information in order to protect Plurilogic's rights, property or safety, including those of its customers, its employees and other public members.

  5. Retention of personal information

    Plurilogic may retain the personal information as long as it may be necessary. Under the requirements of the law, Plurilogic may be required to retain all or part of the personal information it holds and this, for an indefinite period.

  6. Security measures

    Plurilogic ensures to implement the necessary security measures to protect your personal information. Material, administrative, contractual and technological safeguards are used in order to adequately protect the personal information. Access to the personal information is allowed only to the authorized personnel who need the information to perform their duties properly.

    Plurilogic regularly updates its policy to protect the personal information collected, in the most efficient manner possible. However, given the public nature of the Internet network, you acknowledge and agree that the security of transmissions over the Internet cannot be guaranteed. THEREFORE, PLURILOGIC DOES NOT WARRANT AND ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY BREACH OF CONFIDENTIALITY, HACKING, VIRUSES, LOSS OR ALTERATION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION HOSTED ON PLURILOGIC SYSTEMS.

  7. Practices privacy online

    Plurilogic may provide certain information to third parties for payment online. If you pay by credit card, your card number and information relating to the transaction will be sent to the card processing company and/or the card issuer (including their service providers, including services fraud control). However, information received by suppliers and others having a role in the management of the website and the supply chain of Plurilogic is limited to the sole information they need to perform their tasks. PLURILOGIC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE DIRECTLY TO THESE PARTIES.

  8. Modification

    Plurilogic reserves its right to amend this Privacy Policy at its own discretion. However, any modification to this policy will be in accordance with the laws applicable in Quebec for the protection of personal information and will be posted on our website at least thirty (30) days before the date of their entry into force.

Pour la version version française de cette politique de confidentialité, cliquer ici.
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